My love affair started at the age of 10. It was 1976 and my family had just moved to Lewiston, Idaho so that my father and grandfather could open an auto repair business together. In 1977 Cook’s Auto Repair officially opened it’s doors. Over the next few years I worked in the shop ever day after school and most Saturdays. I swept floors, emptied garbage, and dumped waste oil, basically any odd job that was needed. All the while trying to learn as much as I could from my father, grandfather, or any technician that would take the time to teach me.

The 3 years came and went with me saving all of my earnings and waiting to get my daylight drivers license. Finally it happened, I turned 14, was a legal driver, and in need  a car I could call my own. After a few weeks and much help from dad I struck a deal on a 1973 Chevelle SS that had been sitting in a field about 20 miles up the road.

This was one of many cars I owned throughout my school years. Eventually the day came that I had to enter the working world so with my love of cars, I chose the automotive field. Over the years I held jobs as a parts person, service manager, sales manager, and have ran multi-franchise new car dealerships all the while missing the feel and smell of the old cars.

One day not so long ago and with my family grown, I decide that I wasn’t getting any younger and I missed playing with the cars of my youth. So with the support of my wife and parents, Cook’s Car Company was started. I carry all makes, models, and years but really try to specialize in the classics.

It is my sincerest hope you will find a car from your past that renews in you a forgotten love affair or maybe sparks in you a new passion.

Thank You For Visiting,

Peter W Cook

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